Marthy Locht

Marthy’s yoga journey started in 2007, whilst living in Shanghai for a year. There she found herself in her first ever Vinyasa yoga class. Since the class was in Mandarin she had no clue what the teacher was saying, but she was hooked! Back in Belgium she discovered Ashtanga yoga, and then completed a 200 hour Ashtanga vinyasa yoga teacher training in 2011 in Thailand. In 2014 she also completed her 50 hour Rocket Yoga teacher training in Florence.

She has taken part in numerous workshops with international yoga teachers including Nancy Gilgoff, Gregor Maehle, Damien De Bastier, Kathryn Budig, Anne Ashby, Magnus Ringberg and Cameron Shayne, just to name a few.

Marthy teaches Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga. What appeals to her in Ashtanga yoga is the discipline, commitment and meditative quality of the practice. She turns to Vinyasa for more dynamic poses, fun arm balances and challenging inversions. Marthy’s classes are suitable for students of different levels as she offers different options and modifications.