Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa flow is a dynamic and challenging practice, a meditation in movement that blends the practices and wisdom of many yogic styles. The main focus during the class is on the breath, and synchronising the breath with movement through a series of postures. Students are encouraged to observe their bodies and to playfully, safely explore their boundaries with attention to correct foundations and alignment. Regular practice will build strength and flexibility and you will walk away from class feeling strong, refreshed and energized.



Rocket Yoga is an accessible sequence of poses (asanas) based on the primary and intermediate series of Ashtanga yoga. A Rocket lesson is fun, dynamic, fast-paced, strong and playful. It gets you out of your comfort zone with a mix of arm balances, inversions, and backbends. Modifications are offered so the class is suitable for different levels of yogis.


Mat Pilates

Pilates is an intense full body workout that uses one’s own weight as resistance to strengthen the body’s core, elongate the spine, improve overall posture, and create long, lean muscles with definition and sculpted tone. Pilates exercises encourage flexibility, control, balance, help prevent injury, and build strength – without adding bulk. Our Mat Pilates classes are sometimes done with the addition of small equipment such as foam rollers, Pilates balls or light weights to challenge you and keep things interesting!


Reformer Pilates

A challenging, low impact, total body workout that focuses on strengthening the core and elongating musculature. Reformer Pilates is a resistance based exercise that uses springs and pulleys to strengthen and stretch allowing the body to develop into a long, strong, lean form. Pilates is for everyone: the athlete, the office worker, the injured, the strong, the flexible and inflexible, the dancer, the boxer, the expecting mother, the young, and the elderly. With hundreds of exercises Pilates will push you farther than you ever thought your body could go. With highly focused attention to individuals and a contemporary approach that takes advantage of current physical therapy techniques, we create a challenging and safe workout. Maximum of 3 people per class, by appointment only. Duets and private sessions available upon request.


the workout

Is a carefully curated sculpting and cardio workout designed by Hayley Alexander. It combines elements from yoga, fitness, pilates and dance, and is always changing and evolving with the needs of the class.

Mostly done with your own body weight, we also use a ballet barre, small equipment and light weights to help create a lean, supple and defined body.

The class is set to an amazing  playlist to help you move, breathe and push through the more difficult sections. Our signature workout here at Yoga Factory.



Using a mini-trampoline, this class is part cardio, part sculpting.
It’s a low impact but high intensity class in which we use an interval training format (where we constantly raise and lower the heart rate) for maximum effect.
Get ready to sweat and have some serious fun in this 45 minute class.


Private Classes

Private classes in any style are available upon request